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Honda CRF450XR "Dual Purpose" (2019)

"THE REVERSE By changing the order of the addends the product (not) changes: by inverting one letter with the other, Honda CRF450RX becomes  Honda CRF450XR , and the asphalt turns into friendly territory. At Eicma 2018 , the Golden Wing carries an enduro approved for the road that combines the off-road properties of the product from which it derives, with unprecedented qualities as a model citizen. Let's find out more in this video.

GENOMA CRF New Honda CRF450XR is in all respects a member of the CRF family, but even more versatile. Compared to the CRF450R , the aluminum double-beam frame was slightly modified at the swingarm pivot. The area of ​​the quill was in turn retouched to fit a steering lock, the aluminum swingarm injected with urethane to reduce noise. The seat post remains unchanged, but with connections for the rear light and the single right exhaust.

ON-ROAD OR OFF-ROAD? The style is CRF450RX, the new dual-purpose  has in addition the engine protection plate. The lighting system is full-LED , arrows and license plate light included. In turn, tachometer, horn, brake light switch and mirrors meet the requirements for road traffic, for which the side stand is also designed. The tank  in titanium has a capacity of 7.6 liters , the cuffs are standard. For those who want to try their hand at the off-road  , Honda offers a special  kit : "slim" license plate, small LED arrows, folding mirrors.

IS BETTER THAN SIX FIVE While the architecture of the engine Unicam Euro 4 four-valve has remained unchanged, many details are affected by changes: the mass of the ' crankshaft has been increased in order to obtain greater inertia of 13%, which in off-road is equivalent to a better feeling of torque and traction. Also the timing of the distribution has been revised to provide a wider and more uniform distribution of power, finally the gearbox is 6-speed instead of 5, to make more comfortable the prolonged use on the road. The sides of the engine are equipped with sound absorbing covers to reduce noise, while theACG generator has an increased capacity, to provide the necessary power to LED lights, and maintain the battery charge during low speed travel.

SUPER CRF New Honda CRF450XR is also available in road Supermoto version : increased radiators with thermostat, expansion tank and fan,  fully adjustable suspension , Brembo braking system with radial caliper with 4 pistons and front brake disc with 320mm diameter. Is it a racing bike or not?"


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